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Re: Hello

Post by tAlchemist » Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:02 am

Lilac wrote:Because the ancients used to eat gold in the form of the red and white stone
Lilac wrote:The red and white apple ~
White powder gold &
the condensed red colloidal version ~ dragons blood
Have you read about philosophical gold and are you comparing it to common gold? ''Within the dialogue, Critias (460 – 403 BC) claims that orichalcum had been considered second only to gold in value'' - Wiki

Do you think this the same as when the alchemists talk about philosophical gold?

Emerald Tablet;
''That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing
And as all things have been and arose from one by the meditation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.''

With this text, if we understand it to describe the alchemical work says that with this One Thing, came everything else. I mentioned elsewhere that this explains transmutation and immortality in humans, by this One Thing becoming everything you need and like the Alchemists understand gold to grow from the Earth and other metals to be of an earlier stage of development, this One Thing becomes everything One needs via transmutation (thus immortality), seeing as though all things came from it... does this make sense? If we believe this premise, then that means this One Thing is universal which to me conflicts with the idea of common gold to be the origin of the Red Stone or this One Thing from which all things began.
Lilac wrote:Atlantis did fall afterall egypt too, just look where it got them in the end.
So you believe an entire city of Atlantis fell because they all consumed the Elixir improperly? The ENTIRE civilization?? Look at us, if a poison goes around we act fast and say stop!

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Re: Hello

Post by Lilac » Sat Apr 20, 2019 6:29 pm

I have identified a substance I refer to as philosophical gold that is in salt (among many other things) . It is a slightly oily opaque substance and it is whiteish in color with a rainbow sheen much like peacocks tail when the light hits it a certain way you can see all the colors reflected in it. It is near impossible to collect.

This substance is in rainwater too and inside all metals and all things and it is the pure essence of what gives things life.

White powder gold (potable gold) is au III and it Is monoatomic in structure and a fine high-spun powder it is created from gold 0 (the T metal) the philosophic gold is inside it. The most potent substance that can contain this philosophical gold is gold in Manna form. (And of course dragons blood https://youtu.be/Szll8AhZQnc )

When you make manna from seawater or salt it only contains traces of the philosophical gold and the manna made from seawater contains lots of other kidney hardening minerals and won’t be the same purity as when made from gold ( the brand energold is a good example of pure white powder gold they sometimes include a bit of silver. A 50/50 mix of monoatomic gold/silver is called electrum which often appears naturally in alchemy)

Tehuti the author of the emerald tablets mentioned that eating the manna can be beneficial if eaten in small amounts ( I think he said like a teaspoon a day max) and he said that one must never venture to eat the red version until one has eaten the white in small amounts for at least a year prior, the red must be heavily diluted in water (or wine might be better) first you take one drop of the red and put it into a gallon of water then take a drop of that and put it into another gallon of water and you can do this up to 30 times and the medicine can still be effective or something along those lines or so I’ve heard.) you have to work up to it putting even a drop into an unprepared body can certainly cause death it can take years before you can survive eating it straight.

However the danger lies in the red making you go mad ( I’m sure you’ve seen the movie Dune) sure you may be able to eject yourself from the earth and appear to fly like witches do however the price you pay is possible degradation of your very cells. ( why do witches eventually always look like ugly hags even though they often live a long time)

And in my opinion the white can still be bad for your kidneys if you eat too much. I’ve eaten my fair share without ill effect but I always do it in stride and I’d never eat it continuously for very long, and unfortunately there are no quick miracles when consuming the white. But it did open me up in my third eye but I think I may have already had it opened slightly since inherited at birth anyways. Overall I’d rate it as good but not necessary all the time. If the right amount is used it can definitely usher homeostasis for the body over time.

I prefer to eat a healthy diet with natural organic foods which will already contain the right amount amount of manna for my body naturally.

Apparently this substance which gives all life ( which I think contains living “serpent” like microbes )
Is also highly radioactive, and all nutrition is a tiny bit radioactive, in fact without a certain amount of radiation in your environment you would die so its easy to understand that a little bit can give life and too much can take it and there is no cookie cutter way to determine the right amounts perfectly at the right times, a person can build up to being able to handle more after many years perhaps but even long term has its ill effects.

So that is one danger, others can include:

Like the egyptians all your hair may fall out,
it may bleach your skin and hair to alabaster white.
You’re own body may stop manufacturing its own substance and
therefore you may become incredibly addicted to eating the substance instead

( this might explain why humans began to need to eat so much in the first place Forcing them to have to decend from a more breathairian type of being, whenever we learned to Eat food we began the cycle of entropy in us and we began to die for the first time locking us here in a state of enchantment of pleasure yet dying and being born again)

Did I mention it can make you go mad?

Not all the Atlanteans were responsible for their demise no.
It was a group of students acting on their own without permission from their elders following the directions of a older set of beings who were once human like and were trapped between dimensions and were looking for a way to escape their realm they fooled the students ( with serpent visions) into creating a rift that broke timespace and had to be repaired by Tehuti himself. Or so I have heard.

They attempted the same thing with the mayans
And in egypt too, always looking for a way to escape their fate.
It would seem history constantly longs to repeat itself.

They used the stone im sure it drove some of them to maddness but not all of them went mad no.

I only mentioned that it was a risk

Yes the red and white substance are made from the T metal gold but as I mentioned this philosophical gold is the true substance that does the “magic” and converts anything to everything and can be extracted from so many things but you may find as I have that the purest place to obtain it is from the king of all noble metals which is gold. Orichalcum is the next best thing to gold is my theory because the gold producing microbes have the easiest time converting this metal, if you were to consume the white powder made from Orichalcum instead I assure you it will be way more toxic than the powder monoatomic gold one must purify it into gold first via fermentation microbes. (Take note how many elements in different forms can be red or yellow or white but are not gold they all look and smell like gold but only gold can be gold the final stage of the gold producing microbes contains the most pure and edible form of the philosophical gold.) I hope that makes sense but it is my belief extrapolated from all my research and experiments.

And as I said my theory is this rainbow oily substance is a constituent that is microbial in nature.
And if you ponder this it explains so much in nature and in alchemy.

We just must take caution when handling the very substance that creates all things is all I suggest
Your will is free to do with as you wish just choose wisely and use your own experience and the experience of others and their mistakes to help you always learn even more ( learning should never be finished )

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Re: Hello

Post by Lilac » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:18 pm

In the movie dune one has to wonder what he may have meant when he said “the worm is the spice”

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