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Post by Pythagoras » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:26 pm

curioushuman wrote:Hello, i am just another curious human, as my username suggests. To start of i have a burning question : Q)Whats the major difference between things that are alive and things that are not alive ??? they are both Made of things that are considered to be "not alive" right? where does the transaction from not alive to alive take place? and is there actually a difference between them? I hope someone can help me out here :?: and perhaps i can help you too with my questions :)
What a way to begin here :D

Hello curious. This is a good question as all things are composed of infinite particles that possess a form of motion.
If motion exists then we can in a sense say that all things are alive!
The sages however consider those things which are "fixed" to be dead in the common sense. Such things include metals uprooted from their ores in the ground.
According to Hemetic Philosophy, these metals are growing. Their growth rate is slow, yet nonetheless, they do grow and mature into gold. Once uprooted, this growth ends just as the growth of vegetation ends once detached from the earth.
It's probably fair to say that those things with no reproductive facility are fixed and commonly dead. But as all things are part of the oneness of nature and nature is continuously expanding into radiation and contracting back into matter, generation follows degeneration; a strong argument exists to support that everything is alive.

What are your views?

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