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Saying Hi

Post by Mikey » Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:33 am

Hi Everyone, happy to to join you on all on this site.

I wouldn't describe myself as a budding alchemist or anything like that. I'm basically a mage, whatever the least lame word for a female mage is. I draw from Eastern traditions, particularly vedic astrology and tantra and work in a western hermetic framework.

My aim is to become familiar with the spiritual and magical mechanistics of alchemy in order to better understand alchemical allusions that periodically crop up in grimoires, geomancy, meditation exercises and so on.

So in practical terms that means I'm mostly dabbling in spagyric tinctures developed from herbs - anything from the Prima Opus which deals with the vegetable kingdom and doesn't require me to kit out an expensive lab, rather than mineral workings from the Teria Opera. I'll be evaluating the materials I make for psychic efficacy and experimenting with their use in spell work, amulet making and as drugs. I don't have any intention at this point in time of attempting to make a philosopher's stone.

In terms of instruction manuals I'm delving into the work of Frater Albertus

so…yeah if I don't poison myself along the way, hopefully I'll have something to post from time to time re the uses of alchemically derived substances and how alchemy compares to other esoteric pursuits.

Looking forward to exploring all the interesting material on this forum :D


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Re: Saying Hi

Post by Schmeldvich » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:44 am

Very cool!

Glad to have you!

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