alchemist forums on the internet

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alchemist forums on the internet

Post by Solx » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:03 am

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Re: alchemist forums on the internet

Post by Schmeldvich » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:37 am

Solx wrote:i have seen all the forums on the internet. and under due diligence have investigate all forums. from its first postings to its last.

as this worlds foremost alchemist? i find this forum the most direct and forth coming forum in truth and direction of all others known to mankind.

i am SOLX an as such you now have my word
You have not seen all the alchemical forums on the internet, Solx. Nor have you investigated all the postings from first to last. If you did do such a thing you would be much further along with the Great Work than you are now.

...You are not the world's foremost alchemist, Solx. :lol:

You are right about one thing though. This place is certainly in the forefront as far as public Alchemy forums go. This community has not only members that are doing the practical lab work right now, but also those who are already in the know, and those who are willing to share a bit more than your average Adept. For this we should all be utmost appreciative. I know for a fact some of us here are exceptionally grateful to those who continue to share their insights and wisdom.

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Re: alchemist forums on the internet

Post by rherocc » Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:41 pm

For a moment I had this feeling about 'SolX' in my mind when reading all his replies over the first and second part of Msho's first attempt 5-6 years ago, telling me 'this guy [Solx] can't be so sure about what he's saying, he seems too arrogant for someone that have never been in touch with the Stone, and even more compared to someone who possesses it and consequently were affected by the evolutionary process that Sages claim you get after consuming it.

I really believe that 'Divine Providence and Will' fits in the whole picture of who and who not manages to finish the Great Work. Because the ancient texts affirm it several times.

Now that I've seen he is 'the foremost living alchemist', my heart calmed down with everything coming back to normality...

Rely in Nature
Infinite Love to you all

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